August 26, 2007

Tak on Nickelodeon

Tak and the Power of JujuTak and the Power of Juju is a video game for PlayStation 2, GameCube, and the Game Boy Advance. The game spawned two sequels: Tak 2: The Staff of Dreams and Tak: The Great Juju Challenge. All three were created by Avalanche Software for THQ.The story:A long time ago, a shaman predicted that one day, disaster would come to the people of the Pupanunu village, and the Moon Juju would be captured. He also predicted that a warrior would save the people. Jibolba, an older shaman, had prepared for the day of disaster, and took a man named Lok as his apprentice. Then one day, the disaster came, and all of the Pupanunu people were turned to sheep, with the exception of Lok, Jibobla, and a younger apprentice named Tak. Lok, however, did not last long in the village of sheep, and was one day trampled in an attempt to calm the animals down. Even though all hope seemed lost, Tak set out to find a way to revive Lok, so he could save the people from the evil Tlaloc.

So Tak embarked on the most dangerous journey of his life, performing every deed the prophecy told him to do, so he could bring life back into the soul of Lok. He eventually found a way: bring him back from the Spirit World. Tak did this perilous task and found the spirit of Lok. He brought the spirit to Jibolba, who magically restored him back to his own self. But Lok could not fight, as the effects of the spell causes extreme stomach pain. All hope seemed lost, until the Moon Juju appeared to Tak and Jibolba, saying that Tak was the true warrior of prophecy. Tak had completed everything the prophecy had predicted. All that was left was to save the Juju and restore peace to the people. Tak succeeded in this quest, and the Pupanunu village was human once again.
Tak comes to Nickelodeon:Tak and the Power of Juju

8 p.m. on Nickelodeon

Jungle boy Tak jumps from his video game home to television in what the network bills as its first computer-generated animated series.

Tak, voiced by Hal Sparks, helps his fellow Pupununu villagers cope with life as the world's unluckiest tribe through his bond with the magical Jujus, whose powers can either help or create havoc.
The official website:Tak and the Power of Juju

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