August 31, 2007

Tractor pedal pull contests

Lakota boys pull their way to successFrom New Mexico to New York, pedal pullers have found a way to compete even if they can't be a part of the 4-H competition that has dominated county fairs for years. For four Lakota boys, the competition has not only been a way to shine at competitions across Kansas, but it's become a family affair that keeps them on the road during the pulling season cheering for each other.

Kids' tractor pedal pull contests aren't about speed. They are about giving kids a chance to show their strength and determination in moving a pedal tractor with a "drag" that is weighted according to age down a short track. The tractors move at a snail's pace, but no one would believe it once the spectators begin cheering. Sportsmanship is alive and well at each event for both the kids and parents; everyone cheers for the pullers, even those against whom they are competing.

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