August 25, 2007

Tribal chants and doom metal

Tomahawk, AnonymousNever one to rest on his most successful band’s laurels, Mike Patton’s post Faith No More career has traversed a series of bands and musical styles. From Mr. Bungle to Fantomas to his current outfit Tomahawk, his creativity seems to edge in a new, more adventurous direction with each new release.

On Anonymous, the third CD from Patton’s latest project, Tomahawk, and the first to coincides with the band name. Anonymous is a loosely connected series of compositions inspired by Native American tribal chants. The songs are imbued with hints of doom metal and menacing horror movie soundtrack theme music. Patton’s guitarist Duane Denison, inspired by the Native American bands he saw while on tour with Hank Williams III, researched the American Indian music that is the basis for Anonymous.

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