August 22, 2007

"How many Indians on the bridge?"

Internet game raises ire of Island First Nations

'The Duncan Bridge' posted on Facebook deemed racist by manyA game posted on the social-networking website Facebook has First Nations representatives in the Cowichan Valley enraged, calling the game racist and demeaning, and they're asking for it to be pulled.

The game, posted by a creator named Ted Hobby--a member of the University of Victoria network--involves predicting how many First Nations people are on the Trans-Canada Highway bridge, dubbed the silver bridge, that spans the Cowichan River in Duncan.

A similar game posted on Facebook last week called "How many Indians on the bridge?" had 2,000 people registered as participants. That page disappeared on Monday afternoon but was replaced yesterday with another page called "The Duncan Bridge." By mid-afternoon, 32 people had signed up.

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