June 29, 2008

Indian kitsch collection

An illustrated set of Indian labels, advertisements, knickknacks, and toys from the Authentic History Center:

Modern Mass CultureAmerican Record Company Label (1920s)
Fruit Crate Label: Mischief Washington Apples
Fruit Crate Label: Yakima Chief Apples
Fruit Crate Label: Yakima Chief Apples
Fruit Crate Label: Pala Brave Oranges
Fruit Crate Label: Redman Apples
Fruit Crate Label: Redskin Grapes
Fruit Crate Label: Indian Warrior Florida Citrus Fruit
Fruit Crate Label: Squaw Peas
Fruit Crate Label: Big Injun Cranberries
Fruit Crate Label: Skookum Apples
"Injun" brand Cigar Box
Magic Lantern Glass Slide
Michigan Tuberculosis Association Poster
OKEH Record Label
Red Cloud Brand Cigar Label
Redskin Brand Tobacco Spitoon
Wigwam Brand Coffee Tin
Red Indian Station Playing Card
Coconut Head Indian Chief
1962 Bell Telephone Magazine Ad
Calumet Baking Powder Tin (1960s)
Cherikee Red Soda (1960s)
Corn Flakes Magazine Ad (1960s)
Funny-Face Drink "Injun Orange" Refrigerator Magnet
Lucky Penny
"Me Heap Big Injun" Postcard
Postcard: "Barely Able To Write"
Postcard: "Heap Big Talk"
Postcard: "Just Pausin' Fer a Little Refreshin'"
Postcard: "Injun Heap Like Dog"
Postcard: Turrible Wild Injun
Burlap Sack of Nodak "Red Skin" Potatoes
Red Indian Motor Oil Can
Wigwam Brand Motor Oil Can
Salt & Pepper Shakers
Chalkware Wall Hanging with Love Poem
Indian Chief Popcorn Box
Big Chief Writing Tablet
Book, "The Iron Redskin" (Indian Motorcycles)
Indian Motorcycle Ornament
Indian with Peace Pipe Stone Doorstop
Iron Redskin Indian Motorcycle Belt Buckle (1993)
Hand-painted Glass Charm
Indian Princess Popping Corn Tin
"Red Injun" Firecrackers
Remember! Forgetting! Firecrackers
Big Chief Sugar (2007)
Adirondack Mountains Drum (c.1980s)
Coffee Cup From New Mexico
Postcard: Indian Fire Dancer
1975 Indian Crafts Catalogue
Book: Indians Wild and Cruel
"Injun Chief" Tin Toy
Little Scout Cook Stove
Indian Drummer Toy
"Indian Joe" Battery Operated Toy
Warpath Willie Indian Toy
Tin Wind-up Drummer Toy
"Nutty Mad Indian" Toy
Tom Tom Indian
Toy "Cowboys & Indians"
Levi's "Western Roundup" Advertisement
"Injun Country" Cartoon Jigsaw Puzzle
Redskin Finger Paint
Big Chief Game Board
Big Chief Indian Sign Language Game
Nabisco Ad for free "Indian Wars Medal"
Party Snappers
Smurf Indian Chief (1981)
"Indian Red" Crayola Crayons
Indian Boy Figures by Hallmark
The Little Injun That Could Movie Poster
"Eastern Friendly Indians" Model
Mighty Beanz Chief Bean & Hiawatha Bean
Smurf Indian Set (2007)
Comment:  The variety of stereotypical images is almost stunning. And yet they have a common theme: Indians as (noble) savages from the distant past. Most of them featuring Plains chiefs, braves, or maidens.

For more on the subject, see the Stereotype of the Month contest.

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