June 15, 2008

Season 4 of Family Guy

Interesting that "Blind Ambition" (episode 3), "Jungle Love" (episode 13), "PTV" (episode 14), "Deep Throats" (episode 23), and "Petergeist" (episode 26) all occurred in the 2005-2006 season. So Indians made two major and three minor appearances in the span of 24 episodes.

If you include "Stewie Loves Lois" (Season 5, episode 1), that's two major and four minor appearances in the span of 29 episodes. Indians averaged more than one appearance every five episodes during that span.

Overall these appearances were stereotypical, but at least Indians got some screen time. That's arguably better than nothing.

Also interesting that four different writers or writer teams came up with the six episodes. Was that just a coincidence? Or is creator Seth McFarlane asking his writers to include Indians?

For more on the subject, see TV Shows Featuring Indians.

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