June 21, 2008

Native healing offered--cheap!

American Indian group healing session plannedAn American Indian group healing session will be 7 p.m. July 3 in Singing Bird Lodge at Black Hawk State Historic Site, Rock Island.

Dennis “Rocky” King from the Bear Clan of the Oneida Nation of Wisconsin, will perform the healings. King, who comes from a lineage of healers, is a carrier of the powerful Bear Medicine.

“When the Bear Spirit works through me, it has me touch people to heal them,” he says. “It helps with anything that has to do with the mind, such as anger, stress, depression and so forth, but also heals the physical body. You will actually feel a burden being lifted off you. The Bear Spirit will also protect you from negative energies, when you ask it to.”

The cost for the group healing session is $50 per person. Individual healings also are available by appointment for $100.
Comment:  Does King have to touch people to heal them? If so, that's too bad.

If only he could heal everyone remotely in one fell swoop. We could hire him to heal the 4 million-plus Americans who are all or part Indian at $50 a head. Total cost: $200 million. Considering how much the government pays to help Indians with substance abuse, domestic violence, depression, and suicide, that would be a bargain. We wouldn't need any more apologies, long walks, or bicycle tours (with their associated costs).

Even if we paid King to go around the nation and heal each Indian individually, I think this method would save money. Why doesn't someone contact the Indian Health Service and propose this sure-fire cure? Let's heal everyone, once and for all, and move on to other problems.

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writerfella said...

Writerfella here --
You're too late! Dr. Charles Grim, DDS, resigned as director of the Indian Health Service over a year ago. It was he who convinced Congress and Pres. Bush that health education was the absolute answer to Native health problems, and that under such educational initiatives the IHS should convert from actual treatment centers into 'wellness centers' that teach patients into better health. Actual health care demands so would be reduced that Native health only would rise and the IHS might be able to go out of the Native health care business entirely. Too bad, as he avidly might have listened to your proposal...
All Best
Russ Bates

Unknown said...

Hi, I'm looking to get in contact with Rocky. He did some work for me here in New Mexico and I am hoping to get in contact with him for a healing for a dear friend. Thanks in advance for your assistance!