June 30, 2008

Senecas to run tour boats?

Senecas Eyeing Maid of the Mist Takeover as Logical Next Step Here"What they've got down there is a license to print money," one Seneca Niagara official told the Reporter last week. "They've had that for nearly 40 years, nobody else has been allowed to bid on it, and even the amount of money they pay to operate is a deep dark secret."

Even the name "Maid of the Mist," appropriated by Glynn's company for commercial gain, refers to an episode in the Seneca religious tradition that would be comparable to a story out of the Book of Genesis for Christians.

Operating the tour boats would be a natural fit for the Senecas, who could use the trips as perks for Players' Club members and other high rollers while still generating revenue from paying customers.

"One of the problems in the past is that anyone who might want to take over the operation would have to have a tremendous amount of startup cash just to buy new boats and other equipment," said one source familiar with the proposal. "Obviously, that would not be a problem for the Senecas."
Comment:  For more on the Indian lore of Niagara Falls, see The Wonder of Wonderfalls.

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