June 23, 2008

Princess Moki Hantas

Correspondent Greg Reinhardt writes about an early comic book featuring Indians:I found one odd character in an issue of 4Most Comics (vol. 3, #2, Spring 1944). She's in a story about Dan'l Flannel, who seems to live out west but ends up in a strange land with giant horsetail plants, flying dinosaurs, and "Indians" who look Central or South American. The chief's name is Moki and his daughter is Princess Moki Hantas, who rescues Dan'l and his Uncle Dud from being beheaded. (Two bad-guy whities kidnap the princess and steal the Indian gold, only to discover back in town that it's fool's gold.) Bizarre, but not atypical for the time.Comment:  "Moki" or "Moqui" is the old Spanish name for the Hopi people.

For more on the subject, see Comic Books Featuring Indians.

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