June 27, 2008

Navajo Country Music Fest

Country music festival comes to ShiprockThe two-day Country Music Fest draws visitors from across the Navajo Nation and the Four Corners area and showcases talent from American Indian musicians. The festival began four years ago as a dance, but unexpected crowds of country music fans forced organizers to think bigger, Begay said.

Organizers have enticed musicians to perform who are famed among many of the New Mexico and Arizona tribes. The line-up includes performances from Delhell Band, Stillreserve, Fenders II, Pueblo Country, Stillwater Band, Re-Coil and Stone Country.

"Country music is big on the reservation," Begay said. "Many of the Native American radio stations are geared toward country music, so everyone is brought up listening to it. For some, it's all they listen to."

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