August 22, 2008

Another boarding-school video

Something’s Moving

Comment:  This video is seven minutes after a short commercial. It focuses mainly on the pain school survivors feel today. "Something's Moving" is the English translation of a Lakota term for a healing movement that's under way.

One of the speakers is actress Kateri Walker, who I would've thought was too young to experience boarding-school trauma. She must've gone to high school in the early 1980s.

Kevin Gover, now head of the NMAI, has a couple of interesting quotes:You can draw a straight line from the abuse in the boarding schools to the abuse in Indian homes today.

The way you address these things is to look ‘em in eye, understand them, say 'yes this happened to us,' but we can’t use it as an excuse to pass this shame on to a new generation of children.
Understand a problem, but don't use it as an excuse...that's the ideal approach for most problems. Of course, the first line is the one I may quote in the future. It applies to all those people who think there's no connection between the past and the present.

For more on the subject, see Our Spirits Don’t Speak English and
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