August 27, 2008

Navajos ring Liberty Bell

Freedom rings at Navajo Nation Veterans' ParkThe patriotic phrase "Let Freedom Ring" is often heard nationwide. Last Wednesday afternoon at the Navajo Nation Veterans' Park, that freedom was heard when leaders, community members and visiting tourists were given the opportunity to ring a replica of the 1753 Liberty Bell.

"It's a wonderful and special day for our people," said Charles Long, legislative staff assistant to the Office of the Speaker. "We are very fortunate to have the Liberty Bell here on the Navajo Nation. Freedom means a lot to our people, especially our veterans."

The Navajo Nation welcoming ceremony began Aug. 20 with an honor ride escort of the Liberty Bell from the Arizona-New Mexico state line to the Navajo Nation Veterans' Park. The Twin Warrior Society opened the welcoming ceremony with the posting of colors and Robert Williams of the Society gave the invocation.

A crowd of local residents and tourists attended the historic event, and circled around the bell to take pictures, listening attentively as leaders spoke. Long gave an overview of the respect the Navajo people have for freedom and the services rendered by Navajo veterans to both the Navajo Nation and the United States.

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