August 27, 2008

No Navajo Obama ad

An Obama Radio Ad in Navajo?  Not So FarNavajos say they haven't heard Barack Obama on their radio stations, and officials at stations whose largest audience is members of the tribe concur.

In an article written by The Associated Press before the Democratic Party convention opened Monday, presidential hopeful Obama was said to have "run a radio ad in the Navajo language." But regular listeners said they have yet to hear Obama speaking their Native tongue.


writerfella said...

Writerfella here --
Barrack O'Bama cannot speak his own Tsosa language. Why then would Natives expect to hear him speak their languages? He barely speaks English...
All Best
Russ Bates

Rob said...

Thanks for another fine example of your prejudice against blacks, Russ. Most people consider Obama one of the most eloquent politicians in memory. He certainly speaks English better than you write it.

Since you're obviously an ignoramus as well as a racist, here are the facts: Obama was born and raised in Hawaii. His mother was a white woman from Kansas. His Kenyan father left when Obama was two. He remained with his English-speaking mother.

Get the picture, stupid? When people are born in the USA, their native tongue is usually English. Obama is a master of the English language, which helps explain his successful career at Harvard, in the law, and in politics.

Repeat: English, not "Tsosa," whatever that is. A search for "Tsosa" and "Obama" or "Tsosa" and "language" doesn't turn up anything resembling a hit. I suspect you misunderstood something because you're none too bright.

What exactly do you think "Tsosa" is, racist? Fill us in with your vast storehouse of knowledge. Then show us the evidence that "Tsosa" has anything to do with Obama.

P.S. You spelled Obama's name wrong again. Thanks for demonstrating just how dumb you really are.