August 25, 2008

UND debate is over

Louis Gray, Tulsa, Okla., letter:  Logo debate is over; why keep at it?The thing is, it really isn’t a debate worth waging on the part of the Lakota people.

Why would they sit down and talk about something insulting and inaccurate, something that every significant mental health board has declared is harmful and should be retired? Of course they wouldn’t. What possible argument do you make to someone who is insulted by your behavior? “See it my way, because you have no right to be insulted.”

Well, that is just silly and, of course, insulting. Not only is it wrong to have any Indian nickname or logo, but also it’s hard to have a rational discussion with people who back up their claims of honoring Indian people by being racist. They hurl racial slurs at Indians who don’t want to be insulted. Seems to me they are making the argument for change, not retention.
Comment:  For more on the subject, see Fighting the Fighting Sioux.

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