September 15, 2009

Korey teaches Quileute acting classes

'New Moon' Star Gives Acting Lessons at Tribal School

By Jackie JacobsTinsel Korey, who portrays Emily in "The Twilight Saga: New Moon," spent a week on the Quileute Nation here, teaching acting classes for the K-12 Tribal School.

Korey also helped to raise funds for the school with an appearance on First Beach with Quileute elder Chris Morganroth.

"In true Native tradition, she is doing what our ancestors and elders have taught us to do for centuries," Quileute Chairwoman Carol Hatch said. "Tinsel is giving back and sharing her gifts and talents with our Native youth."

Quileute Tribal School principal Al Zantua was quoted by the Peninsula Daily News as saying in a prepared statement: "I think it is fantastic for her to reach out to the kids. After reaching that level of notoriety, it is inspiring and remarkable. Our kids are pretty excited."
Comment:  Jacobs added this note on Facebook:I will always remember the sheer joy in the eyes of the kids. Nothing compares....For more on the subject, see Korey Holds Concert for Quileute School and Tinsel Korey Visits Quileutes.

Below:  "Actress Tinsel Korey leads kindergarteners into the Quileute Tribal School." (Courtesy photo by Yazzie)

"Jackie Jacobs and Tinsel Korey sharing with the youth at Neah Bay."

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