January 17, 2010

Calling BS on Steele's "Injun"

Another reaction to GOP party chairman Michael Steele and his utterance "Honest Injun on that":

HollyAnna DeCoteau Pinkham:  Mr. Michael Steele & "Honest Injun"Who does Mr. Michael Steele think he is? I mean really, saying “honest injun” on national television, thinking nobody is going to care? Did you honestly believe not one single solitary Native American Indian was going to care? And then turn around and request one of his coworkers be fired for making a similar comment about blacks. Oh, it’s ok to degrade one race but not one you care about….

No, no, no, I don’t think so!!! as a matter of fact I say HELL NO! Then to claim “I didn’t know it was offensive!” please! You are an educated man! You can’t claim stupidity! “I don’t know” is not an acceptable excuse! I call Bull shit! Let me rephrase that, I call--BUUUUUUUUULL SHIIIIIIIIT! With some exclamation!

Then to have the gall, to NOT APOLOGIZE! If you didn’t honestly know, then why not apologize? What’s the harm in doing the right thing while also admitting you were wrong? However, because he will not apologize, claimed he didn’t know it was offensive & was told it is & still not apologize tells me, he knew it was WRONG & doesn’t want to admit it. I mean an honest to goodness real apology, not one of those under your breath because you have to apologies. Just my personal opinion….

WTF?! It is 2010 people!!! Some would say, sticks n stones! I say people still have memories & feelings! Some people are more sensitive than others. Some don’t care. I say if one Native American was offended, it is wrong.
Comment:  Pinkham may have written this because I told her I could believe Steele was simply ignorant. I agree with her rejoinder: that if he was ignorant, he should've apologized sincerely for his mistake. He did offer the usual qualified apology, but it didn't seem sincere.

For more on the subject, see Steele's Hypocrisy on Racial Slurs and "Injun" as Bad as N-Word?

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