January 29, 2010

Cool Cat in Injun Trouble

Injun Trouble (1969 film)Injun Trouble is a 1969 animated cartoon short in the Merrie Melodies series, directed by Robert McKimson and featuring Cool Cat. It is noted for being the final cartoon produced by the original Warner Bros. cartoon studio, breaking a run which had lasted since 1930 (with the exception of the four years when the cartoons were produced by DePatie-Freleng Enterprises).

Owing to controversy over its stereotyping of Native Americans (and some racy jokes such as the "topless saloon"), the cartoon has never been shown by United States television broadcasters, or released on video. While bootleg versions are available (most commonly with a timecode on the print), the cartoon still proves very difficult to track down.
A website summarizes the cartoon with screen images:

Cool Cat in Injun Trouble

Indians follow Cool Cat as he drives across a desolate landscape and warn him to leave.

An Indian painting pots puts a bucket over his head and says, "Look, me pail face!"

An Indian chasing Cool Cat slips and falls and ends up dangling from a ledge. "I need a hand," the Indian says to Cool Cat, and Cool Cat applauds.

A brave offers an Indian maiden to Cool Cat if he'll go away. When the maiden turns out to be fat, Cool Cat responds, "Indian giver!"

The rest of Injun Trouble takes place in the town of Hotfoot and doesn't involve Indians.

The problems in Cool Cat's Injun Trouble are similar to the ones in Lippy and Hardy's Injun Trouble. Check out that posting for some thoughts on these cartoons.

For more on the subject, see Native Videos and Cartoons.

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