March 25, 2010

Gary Farmer gives up acting

NIGHT & DAY:  Former actor Gary Farmer turns Troublemaker thanks to the blues

By Jonathan DeVoySome may remember him standing outside his sidewalk store in the comedy “Police Academy,” others may recognize him co-starring right next to Johnny Depp in the western “Dead Man” or maybe it was his award-winning performance in “Powwow Highway.”

Nowadays, Gary Farmer can be seen jamming away on his harmonica with the Troublemakers—keeping his blues heritage alive.

You can check him out yourself as he’ll be in town Friday and Saturday for a pair of shows.

Originally from Ontario, Canada, Farmer holds a deep connection to the Niagara Falls area as well as to his Native American family. A member of the Cayuga Nation and Wolf clan of the Haudenosaunee/Iroquois Confederacy, Farmer grew up in the Niagara Falls region and recalls his father working in the chemical plants in the Falls.
Some tidbits of information:Farmer knows a little bit about the arts. He started out acting in plays and then movies back in 1975 along with his cousin Graham Greene, who would later be nominated for best supporting actor for his role in “Dances with Wolves.”And:After more than 80 appearances in television shows and movies, Farmer retired from the Screen Actors Guild and began focusing on music.Comment:  I didn't know he was Graham Greene's cousin and had given up acting.

For more on the subject, see Gary Farmer on Custer Toy and Gary Farmer's Musical Career.

Below:  "Gary Farmer takes the stage with The Troublemakers during a recent show. The actor turned blues singer will be performing at Seneca Niagara Casino with his band this weekend."

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Anonymous said...

I didn't know that he was GG's cousin either. I have never heard that before. I do know that he is focusing on his music, but I hope that he still continues acting because he is AMAZING! A true screen legend!