March 12, 2010

Video of "First to Be Counted"

A video of the Census event noted in Pix of "First to Be Counted" and Indian Counted First in Southern California:

Comment:  At 45:14, this video is too long for the average viewer. For the first two minutes, for instance, you don't see anything but words on a black screen.

But it's worth glancing at for at look at the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians. I believe this tribe is the only federally recognized one in the greater Los Angeles area.

Even though San Manual's casino has made it one of the nation's richest tribes, you can see these are still semi-traditional Indians. They aren't a bunch of tanned white people pretending to be Indians.

For more on that subject, see The Facts About Indian Gaming.

Below:  The San Manuel Indian Bingo & Casino.

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