March 26, 2010

Glen Gould in Cashing In

Glen Gould cashing in on opportunity with TV series

By Laura Jean GrantSeason two of Cashing In stars returning cast members like Gould, who plays John Eagle, as well as Eric Schweig as Mathew Tommy, Wesley French as Justin Tommy, Karen Holness as Liz McKendra, Sarah Podemski as Cheyenne Blueweed, and new additions to the cast like Tina Keeper as Aura Sphere, and Jennifer Baxter as Rebecca Craig. Blues musician Derek Miller and comedian Don Burnstick appear this season as themselves, following the success of Chantal Kreviazuk appearing in the first season.

“(Cashing In) revolves around a native-owned casino and the owner of the casino enterprise company and my character have a bit of history that goes 20 years before and involves a woman being stolen by one guy,” said Gould. “There’s a bunch of different storylines that follow different characters but the main part of the story is the guy that owns the casino ... he wants to expand the casino on to a wetland and my character deals in real estate so in order to get back at him he buys up the wetlands and he holds the lease for the land.”

The second season of the series was shot during the fall of 2009 in Winnipeg and rural Manitoba locations, and overall the experience has been phenomenal, according to Gould, who says the show boasts a terrific cast, producer and director.

The series has also allowed Gould the chance to hone more than his acting skills.

“I got to learn how to ride horses really good. I play a rancher so when I went out there the first time I really didn’t know how to ride that well but I had to become good enough so that I look like I spend all my time on horses,” he said.

Gould, who teaches in Eskasoni in addition to his acting career, has a couple of films lined up for the fall, and just completed a pilot for APTN called Escape Hatch shot in Montreal, and a short film, Filed Under Miscellaneous, by Mi’kmaq filmmaker Jeff Barnaby.
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Below:  "Glen Gould plays wealthy rancher John Eagle in the television series Cashing In." (Submitted by RoseAnna Schick)

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