March 23, 2010

Valhalla Rising trailer

Morten Krogh offers a look at a recent Vikings vs. Indians epic:On Friday I saw the worst movie I have seen. EVER...."Valhalla Rising," and its not because of all the bloody scenes or the story, but rather the lack of a good story. I understand now why some of the Vikings died when they were on board on the ship that took them to the new world (America). They died of boredom :-) ...Lol.

Almost all the scenes was kind of dark, foggy and in slowmotion, and can you guess who they met in America?'re right..."English actors" dressed up as Native Americans. I could not hold it and was screaming with laughter when I saw them. So is it a great and artistic movie???? Nooooooo....:-)
Comment:  It sure looks dark and foggy. Maybe they couldn't afford lights.

For more on the subject, see Preview of Valhalla Rising and The Best Indian Movies.


Anonymous said...

You are wrong. There are no English actors in this movie.

Rob said...

Morten put the words "English actors" in quotes, so he didn't literally mean actors from England. He probably meant Anglo-Saxon actors or something similar.

So, no...he wasn't wrong. His statement was too imprecise to be clearly right or wrong.