May 07, 2010

Modoc War on History Detectives

TV show visits Klamath for episode on Modoc WarsThe Public Broadcasting System show "History Detectives" was in the upper Klamath Basin this week filming a segment on the Modoc Wars, the last armed conflict between Indians and the U.S. Army in Oregon and California.

The show is tracing the origins of a basket woven by Toby "Winema" Riddle, a Modoc woman who married a white settler and is known for warning Gen. Edward Canby of a plot to kill him.
Comment:  Most sources call it the Modoc War, not the Modoc Wars.

For more on the TV show, see Fillmore Pardon on History Detectives and Navajo Rug on History Detectives.

Below:  "The Modoc War--Soldiers Recovering the Bodies of the Slain, a wood engraving published in Harper's Weekly, May 3, 1873."

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