May 05, 2010

"Political correctness" = silencing criticism

Two good postings tell us what claims of "political correctness" are really about:

There Is No Right to be Exempt From CriticismThe underlying premise ... is that one should be able to express bigotry while being exempt from criticism that might make the person expressing the bigotry uncomfortable.The Great P.C. DodgeThe only use for use of variations of “politically correct” is to use the obsolete cultural meaning (suggesting hypersensitivity to minor or non-existent offenses) to insulate gross bigotry from any scrutiny or criticism.Comment:  Any website that discusses race, including mine, hears charges of "political correctness" frequently. What they mean is, "Stop talking about Indians, stereotypes, racism, moral crimes, broken treaties, and genocide. We don't want to hear about America's mistakes and shortcomings, so shut up."

Sorry, I have no plans to shut up. If you don't like what I'm writing, leave.

Claiming people like me are "PC" is like saying you're too stupid to come up with any real counterarguments. So you throw the "PC" label and hope it sticks.

Too bad we're on to your transparently obvious tricks. Now try coming up with a real defense of racism and stereotyping in America. Good luck with your'll need it.

For more on the subject, see "Political Correctness" Defined.

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Potentially Correct said...

The amazing American psyche never ceases to increase in stupidity and ignorance. It has gotten to the point where stupidity and ignorance are acceptable and viable traits of national character.

It reminds me of an incident in Oklahoma where I was working on a construction site as a laborer a few years back.
I told an older worker, I think he was a plumber or carpenter, that I was a college student. He replies with, “I am so sorry to hear that”, in a sarcastic and demeaning tone, to which I replied, “I’m not, any step forward in life is always a good thing, not a regret!” He just shrugged me off and walked away mumbling.

What does this have to do with being politically correct, everything. It seems we have become a nation that enjoys stagnation and intellectually immobile thought processes are comfort zones confirming that fear is a strong factor in keeping ignorance alive. New ideas and change are always cursed where archaic and outdated practices seem to be stubbornly guarded as “American” traditions.

I do not buy into the left or right wing, liberal or conservative divisions most Americans play into. That division, I believe, only profits those on the top of both sides, placing themselves into that game of American loser/winner mentality or rich man/poor man status. Most people see the differences in Presidents’ Obama and Bush while they think only as far as they can spit. I, however, see many similarities in the two men, both personally and politically just as I see there can exists stupidity and ignorance in any man whether he is affluent or not.

I agree with you on the point that calling someone PC, is just another replacement for “shut-up and stop talking about reality because my illusion is more comfortable”.

When I hear someone say, “America is the best nation on earth,” it is usually from someone who has never left the country. There is good and beauty, after all, covering the globe, just as there is corruption and greed all over the world, it just seems that most of my fellow Americans live in a bubble of convenience and mental comfort zones and the only time we venture out of those comfort zones, is when we are forced by tragedy or trauma.

And as far as Oklahoma goes, to date, as of this past week, another school official has been charged with molesting a 6 year old child. Can you imagine that? A state so charged with Jesus and laws so restraining, the criminals are not the citizens walking the streets shopping at WalMart, the criminals are the educators, the pastors, the police, the politicians and anyone with any kind of authority. How does such a God fearing state evolve into such a Godless state? And you can quote me on this one, but I bet Oklahoma and its state legislature deem being “politically correct” a bad thing!