July 01, 2010

Preview of Losing It with Jillian

Next week's episode of Losing It with Jillian, the weight-loss reality show, will feature Indians:07/06/2010 (08:00PM-09:00PM) (Tuesday): While guiding Dolores towards a healthy lifestyle, Jillian aids in the improvement of an entire tribe--Dolores Plunkett and her daughter, Coralie, are two of three cultural leaders of their tribe, the Yavapai-Apache Nation. Both want to see a change in their family's unhealthy diet (the result of snacking and convenience), and to help improve the health of their tribe. Jillian travels to Camp Verde, Arizona and joins the family in a traditional Yavapai welcoming ceremony and Apache dancing and shows them that there are still ways to be traditional and stay healthy at the same time by roasting an agave plant and planting corn. Dr. Katja Van Herle also stars.Comment:  Nice of Jillian to teach the Yavapai-Apache how to practice their own traditions!

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