March 25, 2012

"Stand Your Ground" cartoon

For another example of this mentality, see the Indian Wars. Heck, see 500 years of Euro-American attitudes toward Indians and other indigenous people.

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Anonymous said...

Now this is a good cartoon, Rob. It demonstrates the flaw in the thinking of the "stand your ground" law. (This is nothing new: Back in the 70s, Nikki Craft read the names of alleged rapists on the radio. Note that "alleged" doesn't mean "convicted", and "convicted" doesn't mean "guilty". She even later said she was aware of the racism in the court system, but this would help black women more. Meanwhile, the black women were standing off to the side, dismissively clicking their tongues at these white women.)

Your cartoons normally? Um, they're more like memes, if someone other than you did them.