November 30, 2006

Aboriginal losers in hot water

Nathaniel Arcand Stars in CBC Radio’s “The Whimpering Penguin.” Available Online:)What’s this? Nathaniel Arcand a slacker? Nah, not our guy…but he DOES play one in the upcoming radio production "The Whimpering Penguin," to be aired December 10 and 11 on CBC Radio’s Sunday Showcase Program. And the best part? You don’t even have to live in Canada to tune in.

Set in working class Edmonton against the backdrop of the now-defunct Klondike celebration, "The Whimpering Penguin" is a sardonic story of two losers on a chase for some cash and their lives.The edgy comedy surrounds the antics of Toby (Arcand) and Keith (Murray Utlas) who are working in a car wash with bigger plans of forming a rock band. When Keith’s no-good brother is released from jail looking for the two pounds of weed he left in his sib's care, Toby and Keith (get the pun?) begin to panic since they smoked one pound and traded the other for a hot tub.

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