November 20, 2006

"Land run" = theft

In commemorating the Centennial, remember all of Oklahoma’s historyOur true history includes a public school system that has oversimplified Oklahoma’s past, starting with elementary school playground re-enactments of the land run. The common sight was of small children streaking across the playground to stake their claim of Indian Territory. Rarely taught was that the land was being taken away from its American Indian owners.

The oft-missed truth of Oklahoma history is that there were several land runs and a lottery held for lands that already had lawful owners—American Indian owners. Instead our history has been rewritten to reflect a more romantic version of the settlement of Oklahoma Territory.
For more on the subject of land ownership, see Indians Owned the United States.

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Rob said...

To be accurate, the reenactment should've shown Indians standing on the land and getting trampled in the rush. Metaphorically speaking, of course.