November 22, 2006

Hot topic at G2E

Live from Global Gaming Expo:  Final Day 3

Media Matters:  Indian Gaming & The PressVictor Rocha, the founder of Pechanga.Net, moderated an early morning panel on the media. It was sparsely attended but stirred some lively debate from the presenters and the attendees.

Marsha Kelly, a media consultant, drew no punches when she explained why tribes appear to have such a hard time with the press. "Indian gaming should be the easiest, since we have such a great story to tell," he observed.

But something keeps the negative stories coming. "That factor is racism," she said, "and that racism creates a barrier to communication." Kelly said she represented the fur industry and the National Rifle Association but both were cakewalks compared to gaming.

"This is one of those things that white folks don't get because they don't want to get it," she said of concepts like tribal sovereignty.

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