November 21, 2006

Hollywood getting better or worse?

Where We Lead, They Will Follow. An Ode to PollyannasThere’s too much talent in Native America clamoring for a voice. There’s too much energy with the infusion of Native media outlets and the web and dumbass Pollyannas who are Indian and White and from North America to the Netherlands and are certainly stubborn, but not naïve. Yes, it’s getting better.

Meanwhile, the handwringers will be doing what handwringers and naysayers can always, always, always be counted on to do.

Which is follow.

Which is why the dumbass Pollyannas will lead the way.


Rob said...

I haven't seen it. But I probably should if you recommend it.

Rob said...

I added it to my Netflix queue, so I'll see it eventually. Look for my reactions here when I do.