February 21, 2007

Muscle cars and motorcycles

Lakota Sioux brings new meaning to the word ‘War Pony’Walking through a car show is kind of like walking through ‘Man-Heaven’, every classic muscle car can be available for display, from the 1969 limited edition Dodge Charger to the honorable 1955 Chevy Bel-Air. Every auto from every decade can usually be seen--and appreciated.

What also makes the shows so unique is the added style and taste that each car owner gives to his ‘baby’ at the show. Cars can be accessorized to include giant engines, shiny wheels, and glossy interiors to fit the individual’s own personal feel, not only cars, but motorcycles as well. Even Native Americans get into the act, that’s right, Indians are also into the show and rightfully--why not? After all, the first high-powered cycle to set world speed records was named the ‘Indian’ motorcycle. The first known automobile centers in the nation were in Michigan, one city is named Pontiac, Michigan. Pontiac was a well-known Ottawa Chief who led the rebellion against the British in the 1700’s. Today, most people know that name connected with a high-powered machine that is called the Pontiac Firebird, which of course, is another classic car.

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