February 12, 2007

Preview of Little Big Girl

The Simpsons
"Little Big Girl"
Season 18, Episode 12

Originally Aired: February 11, 2007

Lisa is chosen to represent the school at City Hall after embellishing her heritage as an American Indian for a school project; Bart gets a driver's license.


SPOKESMAN at the National Tribal Conference:  Wait, wait. Although she is not one of our people this young lady has shown the courage we Native Americans cherish, and who can blame her for wanting to be one of us? We have a noble heritage and cheekbones to die for.

HOMER:  You know, my great-great grandmother was an Indian. I guess I should've mentioned that before, huh?
LISA:  Yes, you should have!

Comment:  I'll let you know how this episode was once I've seen it.

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