February 14, 2007

UFOs over Navajo

UFO Sightings:  Craft Over Navajo Nation, Phoenix Lights Return?Approximately two weeks before the Feb. 6 incident, and at the same time of the evening, an unusual flying object was spotted over the Navajo Nation in northeastern Arizona. Near the small town of Leupp, local people reported a bright light and a flying object that was variously reported as disc or circular-shaped and as triangle-shaped.

Winslow Mail reporter Rebecca Schubert quoted witnesses in her Jan. 31 article headlined “Large UFO spotted near Winslow: Northern Arizona Navajos watch a strange ship fly around for over an hour.”


Anonymous said...

Flares didn't exist during Native American Tribal reign in America-neither in the Biblical days thousands of years ago (So of course the Military and Government are lying again). Could it be that the closer toward the beginning-man had more of a understanding of life, nature, and soul than what man has today?INdeed. My theory is they don't want to communicate with the "masses" as "they" use to because we are so Ignorant and Barbaric now that that doesn't coincide with the vibrational waves we are SUPPOSED to be functioning on. There are Aliens visiting earth-have been basically "Forever". My hope is that I actually can meet an Plejarian/Nordic Type to decipher more of what I'm guessing man should know right now.

Rob said...

Doesn't the wind blow in different directions at different altitudes, Russ? That could explain a weather balloon seeming to defy the laws of physics.

My theory is that most if not all UFOs are natural phenomena, weather balloons, aircraft, and so forth. The question you have to ask yourself is: Why would aliens travel trillions of miles over thousands of years just to observe us?

Rob said...

I'm no meteorologist, but I bet cross-currents can happen anywhere.