March 26, 2007

Details of Mad Mel's outburst

Sharp-Tongued Gibson Takes Teacher to SchoolLauren Robeson, the editor in chief of the Daily Sundial, CSUN's student newspaper, told E! News that Estrada asked Gibson how much research he had done and named several experts on Mayan culture and asked whether he had read any of their books.

According to Robeson, Gibson said that he was familiar with one of those authors, had visited the ruins, seen the murals and was up-to-date on his Mayan history.

Then, Estrada told him that his portrayal of the Mayas as bloodthirsty fans of human sacrifice was "inaccurate and exaggerated." (Meanwhile, event organizers kept lowering the professor's microphone, apparently hoping to avoid a scene, Robeson said.)

To which Gibson supposedly said, "Oh yes, and you are a f---king troublemaker, so f---k off."
Comment:  See Mel Goes Ballistic--"Lady, F**k Off!" for more on the story.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Gibson resorted to childish behavior and used filthy language because he had no defensible argument.


Rob said...

An outburst occur when someone bursts out with words and gestures. Especially with an expletive. Whether the outburst was justified or not, the word describes the action accurately.

It's "slander" to call Gibson a racist? Don't think so. Learn how public figures are fair game for such opinions and you won't sound so ignorant. (Which is also a legitimate opinion and not slanderous.)

By the way, I guess the photographer just happened to catch Gibson in the one moment he became angry. And not in the several minutes before then when he was supposedly calm. What amazing luck!

Rob said...

The photo was supposedly taken sometime during the event. Does it matter when? If this wasn't the moment when he uttered the expletive, it shows he was angry earlier. For all we know, he may have been angry from the beginning.

In other words, if this was his attitude while he was "calm," I'd hate to see his attitude when he wasn't.

We know Gibson is guilty of at least one unjustified outburst: his drunken tirade against Jews last July. Oh, wait...didn't you castigate me for criticizing that, too? Gee, maybe the officer should've escorted herself out of the vicinity so Gibson could continue ranting and raving in peace. We wouldn't want to hinder the great man from offending every minority in existence, right?

Rob said...

What's funny is your garbled writing in these sentences:

"Third, given though photo even one taken, at the gathering so named? Fortunately for this blog AND Mel Gibson, nothing therenor waht ehrloes was so named and ithen attributed."

Your grammar and spelling are atrocious here. Are you going to blame this on an electrical spike too? How does that scramble the word order in a sentence, exactly?

Bottom line: Those who criticize other people's grammar and spelling better have impeccable skills of their own.

Rob said...

More thoughts on Mel's outburst:

More Mel...or is it "Mad Mel?"

Anonymous said...

Yes the man is from the 'land down under' were they treat dark skined people with just as much respect as native americans.In good ol new zealand we have the same problems.some of the towns maori people live in are like the rez.but they just dont mad max for nothing.i have not seen the film and i dont really want too.