March 15, 2007

Comics picks and pans

In our discussion of A History of Natives in Comics, I asked the panelists to name what they considered the high and low points in Native comics. The only condition was they couldn't name their own comics or characters. Here's what they said:

Greg Reinhardt

High:  Turok

Low:  Tomahawk's fights against a giant robot Indian, an alien Indian, and a purple gorilla Indian

Richard Van Camp

High:  Scout, the Crow


Michael Sheyahshe

High:  Forge, Street Wolf (an obscure independent character)

Low:  Scalphunter

Steve Sanderson

High:  Billy the Indian in Predator


High:  Thunderbird (for his historical significance), Dani Moonstar, Arak, the Indians in Alpha Flight


Note:  Readers are welcome to submit their own high and low points.


Anonymous said...

I've somehow missed most of these, including "Turok", but here goes anyway, from ones I've actually read:

Highs: Peace Party, Arak

Lows: Little Hiawatha from "Walt Disney Comics and Stories" digest.

Anonymous said...


"mixed": Eagle Free from "Prez". On the downside, he looks so stereotypical, lives in a stereotypical setting and has those amazing animal powers of the "Native Americans have Aquaman-like powers with the woodland creatures" stereotype.

On the upside, he lacks any speech stereotypes and any drunken grandfathers, doesn't have an attitude problem, and he holds an unprecedented high position of political power.