March 17, 2007

Was Pocahontas raped and murdered?

It's hardly Pocahontas:  new exhibits portray Jamestown colonists as killers and rapists[Pocahontas] had a son, Thomas, but she died suddenly at the end of a visit to England in 1617 and was buried at St George's Church in Gravesend. The True Story of Pocahontas, a book written to coincide with the anniversary, claims that she was raped by at least one leading member of the colony and was murdered in England, possibly to prevent her from telling her father what she had learnt during her visit.

The authors, Linwood "Little Bear" Custalow and Angela "Silver Star" Daniel, claim to be descended from Pocahontas's tribe and say the allegations of rape and murder come from "sacred Mattaponi oral traditions".

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