March 17, 2007

Proud of Proudstar

I hear that writer/actor/director Jon Proudstar chose his name because the X-Men's Thunderbird, aka John Proudstar, inspired him. "Jon Proudstar" isn't his given name. I wondered about that, but I thought "Proudstar" might be a common name among Apaches.

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Anonymous said...

I am Jon Proudstar. And yes the dead X-man Thunder Bird was where I got the name. I was about eight years old when I first saw the character in Giant Sized X-Men #1. Needles to say I was heart broken when they killed him three issues later. I swore that one day I would bring him back. On my eightteenth birthday I took the name and never looked back.
I am not Apache like the character. I am Yaqui/Mayan/Jewish/Mexican.
I guess by taking the name I am trying to keep that boyhood hero alive but in another incarnation. Len Wein the man who at Marvel Comics who gave the order to kill John Proudstar had no idea what potential the character had. But Marvels short sightedness is no suprise. Why should they care about one Indian hero in an ocean of white heroes. It is why I created Tribal Force and why I will constently strive to put Native heroes in main stream media. If any Publishers are reading this and you have the balls to publish America's first Indian Super Hero Comic then get in touch. Any questions or comments can be directed to


Jon Proudstar