March 25, 2007

Still dancing with wolves?

American Indians in Film and Television:  Fighting a Hundred Years “Romantic Discrimination”A while back, we got together a bunch of people who are show runners—these are the people who put together shows on television. And we said, “Everyone in the audience close your eyes and think about your impression of a Native American. And then we followed that up with the question, “What was the main impression you have in your head of Native Americans?” And you want to know what their image was? It was the character in Dances with Wolves.

That’s the problem. We’re still being looked at and perceived as loincloth, eagle-feather wearing, horseback riding individuals. And that’s a perception of a hundred years ago. We have yet to bring them (the studios and networks) into step as to who we are as a people today and the contributions we’ve made to this great country. To me it’s tantamount to genocide; they’ve tried to do away with us mentally and kept us [in] loincloths and feathers.


Anonymous said...

"“What was the main impression you have in your head of Native Americans?” And you want to know what their image was? It was the character in Dances with Wolves."

Pretty easy to answer for the Natives here who look in the mirror or across the breakfast table to see their main impression of Native Americans.

I happen to think of a few actual Native friends I have for my "impression".

I'm guessing that most whites (and blacks too) don't even know any Natives perosnally, and for them they think of Chief Wahoo or a Dances with Wolves character.

Rob said...

Reed, Skyhawk, and American Indians in Film and Television have been doing report cards on Hollywood for several years. If you had subscribed to and read Indian Comics Irregular during that time, you would've heard of their work.

You have a lot to say about Skyhawk but nothing to say about Reed. Despite your complaints, I'd say you haven't done much to challenge the report cards' integrity.

Rob said...

I'm dealing out "guilt by association" by noting how you've tarred Mark Reed for associating with Sonny Skyhawk? Okay, if you say so.

Yes, their annual report cards meet with my approval. I leave the assassination of their characters to you.

FYI, Skyhawk was in Phoenix this week and lingered near our booth around closing time. I almost took a picture of him to prove it. Someone said he's gotten himself appointed the Hollywood representative for the Oneida Nation's production company, or something like that.

If Yeagley bought copies of PEACE PARTY, I'd congratulate him for finally doing something intelligent. Then I'd continue criticizing him.

Rob said...

I associated Reed and Skyhawk in general, but you associated Reed with Skyhawk's alleged misdeeds. Since you're the only one alleging Skyhawk's guilt, you're the only one practicing guilt by association.

Send me a copy of the SAG article if you get it. I'm happy to post both good and bad information about people. I haven't defended Skyhawk except to say I approve of American Indians in Film and Television's report cards.

I do enough original reporting already, since I've published some 400+ articles and you haven't. Of course, I've done many of them by phone from my couch (or chair). But I sometimes get out and report in person, as I did on the Eiteljorg program, The Berlin Blues, and the NIGA conference.

In addition to writing articles and working on, I'm maintaining a huge website, publishing a newsletter, and running this blog. And trying to publish more comics in my spare time. I think that's enough to do without also doing original reporting on Skyhawk.

Meanwhile, you're sitting on your couch criticizing me, so what does that make you? A parasite on the back of a parasite? Don't complain about my laziness when you're too lazy to even start your own blog. Unless you want me to point out your hypocrisy, that is.

Rob said...

I doubt Yeagley would hang around after I continued criticizing him. In fact, he's never contacted me or even mentioned me, as far as I know--despite my public views on him. I figure he knows I'll rip him to shreds if he tries to challenge me, so he's shied away.

Rob said...

Wow. Thanks for letting me have the last word with your nonresponsive response.

Anonymous said...

You haven't the faintest idea who Sonny Skyhawk is, not really. I do. I personally know Sonny now, as Sonny Shyhawk, and knew him then, as Sonny Roubideaux. You really haven't got a clue as to what the man does, to what his mission is in life, to what he stands for... none of it. To those of us who know and love him, you just sound like an ignorant ***.