May 29, 2007

Comment on Imprint

From of all, it's just beautifully filmed. The scenery in that area is great.

Tonantzin's performance is awesome. Her facial expressions and actions are intense.

The story itself is not quite like any that I've seen before. At first it made me think of "The Grudge" a little bit. But, you can't tell if Shayla is just losing her mind or if she is really seeing and hearing these things. There always seems to MAYBE be a reason for these noises, but then again, why can't anyone else hear them? The recurring sound of metal banging and this hook repeatedly show up is just creepy. I knew that somehow the phone ringing at the same time everyday and the significance of always showing the time had something to do with this mystery, but I didn't put it together until after 9:13. I spent the last 15 minutes of the movie muttering "Holy crap!!! Holy crap!! Holy crap!!"

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