May 21, 2007

Which massacre was worse?

Letter:  Massacres of Indians worse than Va TechThe mass shooting at Virginia Tech was a terrible thing to happen, but I must disagree in calling it the worst shooting massacre in United States history. It is not the worst. I can think of at least three shooting massacres that can claim the title as the worst.

There is Sand Creek, Colo., in 1864 committed by Col. John Chivington and his Colorado Volunteers, He especially ordered the killing of the Indian children saying "nits make lice," Washita Oklahoma in 1868 committed by Lt. Col. G. A. Custer and the 7th Cavalry, Wounded Knee in 1890 committed by Nelson Miles and the remnants of the 7th US Cavalry, all of in which peaceful Indian women, children and sick and elderly were shot down in cold blood by the hundreds in the middle of winter.

But as usual Indians don't count, right?
Comment:  Follow the link for some interesting responses to this letter.

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