May 23, 2007

Oneida animated short debuts

New animated short film brings Oneida legend to the big screenThe Oneida Indian Nation' of New York's Four Directions Productions held the world premiere of its first 3-D animated short film at the Syracuse International Film Festival in Syracuse, N.Y.

"Long ago, American Indians delivered important messages by sending runners; going from one village to another and nation to nation," said Dale Rood, director of studio operations for Four Directions Productions and a Turtle Clan representative to the OIN's Men's Council.

"Our ancestors also entertained and educated their young through storytelling," he said. "Today, communications are done much differently. We still need to inform and educate, but in a way that captures the attention of a public that is used to video games, cell phones and flat screened televisions. We must also correct stereotypes of Indian people painted by Hollywood. That's been embedded into the fabric of modern society."



I wrote the music score for this short, including music for a small "crawfish dance" that turned out so cool! The Oneida Nation is doing wonderful work in the media arts - Brent Michael Davids

Rob said...

Good show, Brent. The rest of the article discusses your work on the film.