May 20, 2007

Review of OMEGA FLIGHT #2

Omega Flight #2This is such a depressing book. Omega Flight really should be the last attempt to bring this team back to comics if this is the best Marvel could do. Michael Avon Oeming a writer whom I respect makes the book literary Prozac.

Sasquatch has been captured by the Wrecking Crew to be gruesomely tortured. Joy. U.S. Agent attacks a villain for attempting to wipe out her credit debt. Hussah. He's almost wiped out from existence until the second Spider-Woman saves his sorry butt. Yay.

When I put Omega Flight on my subscription list I was hoping for a book that would avoid the Civil War, but no. This Big Stupid Event is deep in its heart. If you have any doubt, Tin Fascist and his pet quisling Ms. Marvel make an appearance through a SHIELD vidlink. Oeming even throws in a few gratuitous flashbacks of the Civil War as Talisman criticizes American registration.

Whatever happened to fun? This book with murky artwork by Kolins and Reber isn't fun.
Comment:  I wouldn't be quite this harsh, but the series isn't getting better as it goes along. I agree that the art is murky and the story is uninspired so far. I'll probably give it one more issue to see what happens.

The interesting thing here is how Talisman steps forward as a main character and probable leader of the new Omega Flight. She does a mystical thing or two a la your typical Indian shaman. She cops an attitude a la Dani Moonstar; she even looks like Moonstar.

But the most noteworthy thing to me is the first extended look at her new costume. Talisman must be magical because I don't see how this costume would stay up otherwise. It's pure exploitation, making Talisman into a Native sex object like so many predecessors. There's no way a tribal shaman or a woman with Elizabeth's disdain for superheroics would wear such a revealing costume.

Her previous costume was also somewhat revealing, although it was more demure. But then she wasn't a tribal shaman or someone trying to live as a traditional Native. Now she is. Her costume should've gone in the other direction--becoming less revealing, not more.

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