May 26, 2007

RedCloud tours reservations

Ex-Mexican Gangmember, RedCloud, Displays Positive Message On Debut AlbumAs rappers continue to compete against each other to prove who is the hardest around, Mexican rapper RedCloud is focused on bringing a positive message to the culture.

With the release of his long awaited debut, Hawthrone's Most Wanted (named after his Los Angeles hometown), RedCloud is determined to connect with the average person who can't related to topics rappers have made the norm--diamonds, cars, women and money. Instead, he says he's speaking to the average person with personal stories everyone can relate to.
He's sharing this attitude with Indians:Currently, RedCloud is currently enduring a grueling touring schedule, which is packed with 140 shows. However, he not only plays the clubs with his music, but also does mission outreach to Native American reservations where he comes face to face with poverty, addiction and other rough problems.

"We travel from reservation to reservation sharing a message of hope to the Native American people, the First Nation's people and Indigenous people of Mexico," explains RedCloud. "Nowadays, 90% of Native American youth are into hip-hop. They forget what their elders are telling them these days, or they don't care about tradition or their heritage tells them. They want to do what they love, which is hip-hop and we speak that language very, very well."

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Redcloud is Lakota/Mexican