November 11, 2008

5th Annual Red Nation Film Festival

From a press release:The 5th Annual Los Angeles Red Nation Film Festival, founded by American Indian award-winning director Joanelle Romero and presented by Red Nation Celebration, are pleased to announce their honorees for this year's A Night of Tribute Awards Ceremony, with Master of Ceremonies actor Jay Tavare and feature film screening of Frozen River.

President Obama will be honored with a Red Nation Vision Award, Governor Richardson will be given the "Edward Albert Jr. Indigenous Film Award," Marlon Brando will be honored with the "Brando Award," George Burdeau will receive the "Lifetime Achievement Award," TNT Network will be given the "Best Network Award," and Pechanga Tribe will be honored with the "Best Heritage Film Award."

The gala ceremony will take place at the Aratani/Japanese America Theater, downtown Los Angeles on November 13, 2008.

The 5th Annual Los Angeles RED NATION FILM FESTIVAL will pulsate through the Entertainment Capital of the World November 13-16, offering outstanding examples of American Indian contribution in film, in the media and in our culture at large--with screenings, panel discussions, music, celebration and ceremony--as only America's first peoples can provide.
Comment:  That should be President-Elect Obama, of course. He probably won't be there to receive his award.

I guess Brando was a lock to receive the Brando Award. He probably won't be there to receive his award either. (Maybe Sacheen Littlefeather can pick it up for him.)

I guess the Pechanga tribe is getting an award for the Pechanga documentary on TV. I wonder if Pechanga is also a financial sponsor of the event.

Anyway, I plan to attend the opening-night festivities Thursday and moderate a panel Saturday. I'll report on these things eventually.

For more on the subject, see The Best Indian Movies.

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