November 07, 2008

Blackfeet to make DVDs

Blue Ray Technologies Sees Rays of Hope in Native American NationsSpokane, WA-based Blue Ray Technologies, the largest U.S. indie Blu-ray manufacturer, is planning its next plant to be on Blackfeet Indian land in Montana, said reps for the tribe and the company. The plan to build next-gen plants on Indian land will help the Blackfoot Nation and soon other tribes to evolve into the 21st Century with a technological source of income and educational skills.

“This is about ‘No American left behind,’” said DVD pioneer and Blue Ray Technologies founder Erick Hansen. “Schools, especially those on tribal lands, are just not preparing kids for the future. It’s not only the outsourcing to China and India in the new tech industries, it is more important. No American left behind. Period.”

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dmarks said...

I hope the Blackfeet place has less of the problems of forced unionization and such that encourage companies to outsource away from the United States.