November 08, 2008

McCain locked Indians out

Nighthorse Campbell explains McCain’s Native downfallFormer Republican Sen. Ben Nighthorse Campbell would have loved to have seen his old friend Sen. John McCain capture the White House, especially given McCain’s strong record on Indian issues. But it quickly became clear to the politician that McCain just wasn’t willing to compete in Indian country in the same way as President-elect Barack Obama.

“I spoke to Sen. McCain personally four different times during the campaign to see if he would meet with Indian leaders,” Nighthorse Campbell told Indian Country Today in a post-Election Day interview.

“Each time, he assured me he wanted to and he would. But then when I would call his scheduler and his staff people, they absolutely locked Indian people out. They wouldn’t let him meet with them.”

Nighthorse Campbell contrasted McCain’s meager outreach with that of Obama, who, by some counts, visited tribal leaders and/or reservations at least nine times throughout the course of the campaign.

“You can’t live on your laurels in this business,” said the Northern Cheyenne tribal chief.

“You’ve got to keep reassuring people that you’re going to be there for them, and Sen. McCain just simply didn’t do that.”
Comment:  For more on the subject, see The 2008 Presidential Campaign.

Below:  "Sorry, Ben, I was too busy with Joe the Plumber to worry about Indians."


dmarks said...

Good picture of McCain you chose. He looks 10 years younger, he doesn't look washed-out pale, crazy, or mean, and his cheek pads somehow end up under-emphasized.

Not only that, you did not catch him mid-blink.

People have generally liked McCain over the years. I suspect that this will return now that the campaign is over.

Rob said...

My posting's words are usually enough to indict or embarrass someone. I don't need to indict or embarrass the person further with an unflattering picture.

As an art and photography aficionado, I like good portraits. I like them even if I don't like the people they're portraying.

Unlike you, I suspect McCain has ruined his reputation permanently. From now on people will see him as a craven opportunist rather than a man of principle.

Anonymous said...

Well, supporting torture after opposing it...that sort of does it. I'm not even sure if most Indians knew if McCain still supported the same reforms he used to.

McCain's furrowed brow makes him look like Palpatine in that photo. I wonder, does that mean we have Jar Jar Lieberman?