November 09, 2008

Means declares disaster

Russell Means:  International Disaster DeclarationGovernor Michael Rounds of South Dakota has declared the State a disaster area. However, Indian Reservations are NOT included in the declaration. I, Russell Means, due to the total absence of Tribal Government and its leadership, and as candidate for Tribal President and Chief Facilitator of the Republic of Lakotah, am declaring an INTERNATIONAL STATE OF EMERGENCY. The reason for this declaration is two-fold:

1) The current life-threatening severe weather conditions and

2) The ongoing genocidal policies of the United States Government that still remain unaddressed
Comment:  Means said he would declare a disaster if he were elected OST president. After he lost the election, he declared a disaster anyway.

You gotta admit that Means is great at publicity stunts. Whether anyone will respond to this stunt is another matter.


Anonymous said...

What Means Means To Me

This strange creature is an unparalleled legend in his own mind, a portly, noxious-gas-filled balloon of a buffoon that drifts from rez to rez stirring up the more psychotically fixated local yokels in a vain attempt at fomenting a "Che" type of popular, peasant-based revolution using torches, pitch forks and home-made clubs. True, he does manage to befriend a motley smattering of cave dwellers at these locations from time-to-time as he has long been deeply concerned about their welfare (checks).

But don't get me wrong, though - for all of his faults, I really like him as I once saw him, when I was only seven years old, play the accordion AND the kazoo on t.v. (on an early '60s country-western-Latin pop variety show that was taped in Rushville, Nebraska, "Auntie Lupita's Braceros and Brass All-Star Review"). Remember the Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band? They got their start on this show a few years before they hit it big.

The song Russ played was that old gospel favorite, "I Was Once a Sinner." I was so impressed by his talents that I immediately threw myself on the floor and holding my breath until I passed out, I was able to force my folks into buying me a used fiddle AND a green lam'e turban (like the one he wore on the show).

So, yes, he was indeed an integral component of my formative years on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota.

Anonymous said...

Can you tell more about that TV show? I cannot find anything about it. What TV station was aired on and was it called Auntie Lupita's Braceros and Brass All-Star Review? Or was that just a segment? my curiosity is really working overtime, in light of Mr. Means death.

Rob said...

Sorry, I don't know anything about the TV show.