November 05, 2008

Who lost in the election

Good, and Now Back to Work: Avoiding Both Cynicism and Overconfidence in the Age of Obama

By Tim WiseIt was a defeat for the right-wing echo chamber and its rhetorical stormtroopers, foremost among them Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck.

It was a defeat for the crazed mobs ever-present at McCain/Palin rallies, what with their venomous libels against Obama, their hate-addled brains spewing forth one after another racist and religiously chauvinistic calumny upon his head and those of his supporters.

It was a defeat for the internet rumor-pimps who insisted to all they could reach with a functioning e-mail address that Obama was not really a citizen. Or perhaps he was, but he was a Muslim, or perhaps not a Muslim, but probably a black supremacist, or maybe not that either, but surely the anti-christ, and most definitely a baby-killer.

It was a defeat for those who believed McCain and Palin would be delivered the victory by the hand of almighty God, because their theological and eschatological vacuity so regularly gets in the way of their ability to think. As such, it was a setback for the religious fascists in the far-right Christian community whose belief that God is on their side has always made them especially dangerous. Now, having lost, perhaps at least some of these will be forced to ponder what went wrong. If we’re lucky, perhaps some will suffer the kind of crisis of faith that often prefaces a complete nervous breakdown. Either way, it’s nice just to ruin their Young-Earth-Creationist-I-Have-an-Angel-on-My-Shoulder day.
Comment:  Needless to say, Indians in particular and minorities in general were among the winners.

This election answered the question of who's a "real" American. The answer: those of us who voted for Obama. We're the majority, so we define who and what Americans are. If we say it's Jeremiah Wright, "socialists," homosexuals, Muslims, or Indians, then it is by definition.

If those of you in the minority don't like it, get the hell out of our country. Start your own country on a desert island somewhere. You can call it "America" and exclude whomever you want. But stop trying to divide and conquer our America with your racist, xenophobic poison.

For more on the subject, see The 2008 Presidential Campaign.

Below:  Some real Americans:

And a message from someone who doesn't deserve to be an American. (I'll bet big money that this person was a McCain/Palin supporter.)


Anonymous said...

The election was won by biased news media who openly promoted the Democratic candidate, by the Democratic candidate breaking his worthless word on campaign finance and helped mightily by the economic housing bust and subsequent collapse of the economy.

You have the audacity to point to three conservative pundits when the media is full of liberals like Mathews, Oberman and Bill Mahr, the New York Times, Los angeles Times, MSNBC and on and on..Oh ya Hollywood now there is a subject.

Rob said...

This posting is about who won and lost in the election, not who won or lost the election. They're two different subjects, although they sound similar.

How do you think we got into an unjustified war on Iraq if the media's cheerleaders were so liberal? You're confusing the liberal bias of reporters and pundits with the conservative bias of publishers and the corporations that own them. The latter decides what gets published, not the former.

For more on the subject, see The Myth of the Liberal Media.

Anonymous said...

I think a lot of it was McCain's supporters. I mean, so many people were happy to tell the cameras "I don't like Obama because he's from the other race, and I can see how they might be against us." And then the Republicans supported the Minutemen.

My personal favorite was McCain calling Obama a socialist. John, John, John. Tsk-tsk, this isn't the McCarthy era.