February 17, 2009

Rapper, actor, and photographer

Rapper leads role models at First Nations conference on the arts

NeChee Friendship Centre, army reserve and Kenora Chiefs Advisory representatives offer advice and resources for a better life

By Mike Aiken
Aspiring aboriginal artists had an impressive display of talent from the area last week. Over a two-day period they had access to rap artist and radio host Wab Kinew from Onigaming, actor and producer Waawaate Fobister from Grassy Narrows and Red Works photographer Nadya Kwandibens of Northwest Angle.

Keynote speaker Stan Wesley engaged his young audience right from the start with an energetic and humourous speech that encouraged aspiring artists to take a healthy risk and leave their comfort zone, in order to pursue their dream.

“So many of our people say ‘I should’ve done that... I should’ve tried,’ “ he said Wednesday.
Some of rapper Wab Kinew's advice:When it comes to offering practical advice for his young charges, though, Kinew was more pragmatic. As the father of a young son, he noted the added effort it takes to get ahead in his career. He also emphasized the importance of practice and investing time in your goal.

“Work hard at it and treat it like a business. Invest your time and money in it. There’s no substitute for practice... There’s no shortcuts,” he said, following last night’s show.

He acknowledged there are a number of other aspiring rappers in the area, and he encouraged them to keep at it, while staying in school.

“It doesn’t take a degree to rap, but I feel good about the fact that I got my education. It opens so many doors for me,” he said, referring to his degree in economics.
Comment:  For more on the subject, see Hip Hop with a Difference and Indian Role Models.


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