February 21, 2009

Geronimo's bones already moved?

Apaches moved Geronimo's remains from Fort Sill decades ago, Texan claimsKeeler believes Geronimo was originally buried at Peachtree Crossing, near where Medicine Creek meets Cache Creek. He also believes his body didn't stay there long.

"That's where the Apache chiefs and my grandpa took him," Keeler said. "They didn't want to leave him under the Army's control."

According to Keeler, they moved his body to Elk Mountain, near Indiahoma, Okla. Cerday was Comanche but spoke fluent English. He was used as a mediator between the Apaches and anyone they encountered.

"He was supposed to smooth talk his way through any guards," Keeler said. "They made him stop before they got there. He didn't see exactly where he was buried."

Keeler said the Apache chiefs probably performed burial rituals that his grandfather, a Comanche, wasn't allowed to see.
Comment:  For more on the subject, see Apaches Don't Want Geronimo Moved and Geronimo Sues Skull and Bones.

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