February 23, 2009

House honors Geronimo's bravery

US lawmakers honor Apache chief GeronimoThe US House of Representatives on Monday approved by voice vote a measure honoring legendary Apache warrior Geronimo's bravery 100 years after his death.

The nonbinding resolution honors his life, "his extraordinary bravery, and his commitment to the defense of his homeland, his people, and Apache ways of life."

The resolution also "recognizes the 100 anniversary of the death of Goyathlay as a time of reflection of his deeds on behalf of his people."
Comment:  Hmm. Nothing here about Geronimo's being a murderer or a rapist. Nor do I see evidence of these claims in Geronimo's Wikipedia entry or any other page in Google.

Therefore, I wonder where reader Stephen got his claims from. Perhaps he repeated some anti-Indian propaganda he heard, or made them up.

For more on the subject, see Defeating Apaches = Defeating Terrorists and Dueling Views on Geronimo.


Unknown said...

He attacked Mexican villages and civilians here's a quote from your beloved wikipedia backed up by a citation:

"Apache raids on Mexican villages were so numerous and brutal that no area was safe."

"Perhaps he repeated some anti-Indian propaganda he heard, or made them up."

If that's true then why haven't I attacked other Indian leaders? (I happen to idolize Crazy Horse).

Rob said...

Is that the best you can do? Calling the raids "brutal" without specifying what that means or whether Geronimo countenanced it is almost worthless.

Let us know when you have anything resembling concrete evidence, okay? That Geronimo was a murderer and a rapist is still only your opinion, not a documented fact.

Why haven't you attacked other Indian leaders, you ask? Well, you have attacked the ones whom you think murdered "innocent" civilians.

You mean why haven't you attacked every Indian leader? I dunno...because you haven't heard anti-Indian propaganda about them all?